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Onedown Health is an Australian owned and operated plant-based protein powder, protein bar company that aims to deliver our customers the most tasty, nutritious, vegan and gut-friendly blends on the market.

Our company started off as a gym, with Rachael Rees the founder. She is a qualified Master Trainer and ran a health food store at the time. Rachael found it difficult to source the right stockist and vegan products to recommend to her clients and customers that reflected what she believed in. Onedown was then born and she started developing a product she loved that didn't have a gritty, grainy taste or were overly sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

Onedown Health is bringing a Creamy Blend of Vegan Protein Powder and Vegan Protein Bars to consumers that were created with a clear purpose in mind, no false claims and only natural high-quality ingredients for real results.

Onedown is on a life mission to help individuals live healthier, happier lives through easy, affordable and trustworthy products that actually taste good.

We at Onedown believe physical and mental health require premium products for both mind and body. Therefore, we have expanded the company in 2020 to offer customers the entire package for a healthy lifestyle. This includes premium workout equipment for both gym and home and a seamless active-wear clothing range with a positive message of confidence and self-love.


australian owned

Most protein powders are made overseas – ours is made with love right here in Australia. This means real quality blends with no artificial products and the best gut-friendly protein with no after protein bloat. All manufacturing is from here in Australia.

Our base ingredient is full of super-foods, plant proteins, amino acids and will give the right kind of fuel to power through the day.

Each flavour is achieved with top-shelf ingredients and superfoods. Such as; organic pea and rice protein, organic maca powder, organic chia seeds, organic flax-seeds and many more. 


They’re completely raw, vegan and non-gmo and our packaging is 100% recyclable.

using plant-based ingredients only

The most popular protein powder source is whey, which of course comes from cows. This is something we’re not about. The production of whey has a significant negative environmental impact and can be extremely sensitive to some individual’s digestion.


In comparison, numerous studies have found protein from plants to be extremely beneficial to digestion, physical health and is a lean form of protein.

We welcome all and any inquiries so please feel free to contact us below.

with love,
Onedown Health

Onedown Health


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