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Our abdominal & core board is perfect for a beginner, intimidate or an advanced individual. The ab board provides optimum effectiveness and support while focusing on correct core training and strengthening your abdominal muscles .It will relieve lower back pain by correctly supporting your spine. It's suitable for people suffering from a weak back or back pain. 
This unique ab board and stretcher provides spinal decompression and relieves tension from the discs and nerves so that you can finally enjoy pain-free days while moving freely and exercising. 


Abdominal & core exercise board


    • The AB board allows the body full range of motion to work the entire abdominal muscle. 
    • Perfect for spine comfort and any lower back pain
    • Highest quality materials and cushion for extreme comfort.
    • Designed to provide support and to help prevent injury during rigorous abdominal exercises. 
    • Lightweight and great for safe home or gym workouts for your abs.
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