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H O M E & G Y M  W O R K O U T  E Q U I P M E N T

wanting to buy gym workout equipment online in australia?

Our portable barbell, resistance bands and booty bands are the perfect piece of workout equipment for an effective outdoor or home workout. They’re also ideal if you’re looking to take your gym workout to the next level and add variety to your fitness goals.


Our workout equipment provides optimum results for toning and leaning up and target specific muscles. They provide a cardiovascular effect when working a high rep range at the same time that you condition your body. Perfect for beginners or experienced trainers with a range for over 100 exercises! Workout any part of the body from legs, booty, arms, back or abs.

We understand how important versatility is for effective results. We are determined to offer the best possible products for the best possible results. This is ideal for anyone who's looking for a  toned physique.

Our high-quality gym workout equipment is made from only the highest-grade materials for extreme comfort. It’s lightweight and compacted, ready to travel with you anywhere. So why don’t you train with us?

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