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Our 11 Piece Resistance Bands Set provide for the ultimate workout and are extremely versatile. They are the perfect pack for an effective outdoor or home workout. They’re also ideal if you're looking to take your workout to the next level and add variety.


They provide optimum results for toning and leaning up and target specific muscles. They provide a cardiovascular effect when working a high rep range at the same time you condition your body. Perfect for a beginner or experienced and range for over 100 exercises! Workout any body part from legs, booty, arms, back and abs.

11 Piece Resistance Band Set

SKU: 152-758d99db963d
    • Before each use, check each band for breakage prior to starting your workout.
    • Do not stretch bands more than 2x their original length.
    • Do not use bands on rough or abrasive surfaces.
    • When under tension, carefully return all bands to original length before releasing to avoid injuries.
    • We highly recommend storing your set at room temperature with no moisture, heat or direct sunlight to increase the life cycle of the product.
    • Only clean your product with a damp rag with NO cleaning products or soaps. Any cleaning products or soaps may damage or weaken your bands.
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